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B2B Marketing MaverickI Help B2B Brands Drive Revenue

I’m a Portland, Oregon-based B2B marketing expert who gets the opportunity to work with some of the most influential names and brands in the tech industry.
Working full time at a B2B marketing agency, I create and manage full-funnel marketing campaigns across a variety of advertising platforms, where I utilize a variety of creative tactics to reach the most qualified prospects.
One of – if not THE BEST – benefits of working with an agency is the ability to leverage the shared learnings from other clients. Based on this, I created this blog to be a resource for B2B marketers everywhere, sharing the b2b marketing strategies that I’ve found to be the most effective for my clients.

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B2B Companies I’ve Worked With Include:

B2B Marketing | A Holistic ApproachI’m All About That Funnel

I believe in a holistic approach to digital marketing. No marketing channel lives in a vacuum, and despite the name of this website, the traditional “marketing funnel” is dead.

All marketing must be in sync, and to me, that’s what makes B2B marketing so fun.

We have to deal with long sales cycles, but that just gives us more opportunities to get in front of our prospects. To me, it’s a fun game we play.

TestimonialsFrom Other Peoples’ Lips

Ryan is an excellent paid media manager who never stops looking for ways to improve his clients’ account performance. The thing that sets Ryan apart from his peers is his willingness to go the extra mile and seek out additional opportunities for his clients. He truly enjoys the paid media craft and his enthusiasm rubs off on everyone around him.Steve Burnett, Hanapin Marketing

Ryan is a passionate and focused digital marketer. He brings a questioning mind, thoughtful solutions, and rare loyalty to the causes he believes in.
He consistently went above and beyond for his clients at Iterate, fostering strong relationships and driving great paid search results.Ry McDonald, Director of Digital Marketing (Iterate Marketing)

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